February 18, 2011

Baby Prams

I've been very busy making these prams (tutorial here). So many friends are having babies at the moment. It's so lovely and I get to have lots of cuddles. I actually started these ones back in late November I think, but with Christmas and New Years, and just generally being busy with two little ones. It has taken me forever to finish them. So glad they are done now, one thing off my To Do list. Yay!!

Sorry, lots of photos. Just showing different angles and details for you. I really enjoy making these sweet little prams even though they take so much time to make. It's nice giving something hand-made. I don't know about you but I love hand-made goodies.

Thanks heaps for looking.
Take care.
Mel xxx


  1. You are amazing. These are just the cutest and anyone receiving them would just love them.

  2. These photos just don't do the prams justice ... they are stunning IRL! Gorgeous work Mel! You have way more patience than me!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I am going to have a go at these..on my to do list, lol.


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