August 24, 2011

Hello there long lost friends. I know it has been a while since I have seen 'Blog Land', and it took a while to get the courage up to get back on as I know I have missed out on so much of your wonderful creations and have way too much to read. So I have decided to start over and read all your new posts. Sorry about that. But it was either that or just give up blogging altogether.

I have been busy just like I am sure you all have been too. I had my 40th birthday at the end of July and also managed to strain muscles in my neck and arm leaving my left thumb numb. Don't even ask me how I managed to do that as I have no clue. But after three weeks of being on painkillers and a couple of Physio appointments, my neck is slowly recovering and this is the first week I have not needed to take the anti inflammatories and pain medication. Can I just say, I am very excited about that.

So here is a new post sharing some of the creations I have been busy making over the last month and a half. Ooops, it has been a while!!

It's that time of year when most of my son's friends have birthdays and as you can probably tell, they are all turning five. I have used Echo Park 'Little Boy' papers and The Greeting Farm stamps on both of these cards. I have started practising texture on the hair. Slowly getting there.

I will share more soon and will get around to reading your blog posts too. Sorry I haven't been a very good blogging friend of late but I am getting back into the swing of it again.

Thanks for any lovely comments.
Mel xxx